Development of a strategic plan for the Union of Jezzin municipalities


The president of the Union of Jezzin municipalities Khalil Harfouch signed a contract with MORES company that is represented by the general director Mr. Rajji Mouaaseri , to develop a draft vision and a strategic plan to jezzin area that is grant by the united nations development program.
The meeting which was held in Union Center in Sarai Jezzin, was attended by the executive governor  director of the project, Ms. Najwa Bassil , the Technical Supervisor Ms. Maria Pole, the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Union, Dr Danny Haddad, the Chairman of the Committee  Studies the Engineer Michel Abu Atme, the Chairman of the Committee of Agriculture Engineer Gilbert Aoun,  And representatives of the UN Development Program.
In a short speech Mouaaseri spoke about the history of the company and its achievements, especially in terms of local development and environmental protection.
For his part, Harfoush considered that the required cost for MORES company to accomplish the studies indicate that this company is very interested in sustainable development, explaining the important tasks entrusted especially to the union  and a working group, he also spoke about the implemented projects of the union and their implementation.
Harfoush also covered the subject of sanitation in the region in terms of stations and networks, pointing to the bad situation of the sewage systems.
He revealed the intention of the union to create a technical office that means to give building permits therefore to help the competent services. He also presented a chronic problem that Jezzin district is suffering from and it is the problem of sailing the land, providing a general summary on the ideas of the Union to handle this subject provides for the establishment of a private company under the supervision of the Union.

March 2023
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