New contract for waste collection


In the context of its responsibilities in protection of the environment and waste collection, the Union of Jezzin  municipalities signed a new contract with WMS the management of services and wastes company and that’s after the expiry of the contract with NTCC company in September 2010 and the insistence of the above-mentioned company to increase the cost and the establishment of a garbage dump in Jezzin.
The value of the new contract amounted to 640 million Lebanese lira financed by the Union from its independent municipality fund.
The new contract provides that WMS company collects garbage from 26 municipalities in Jezzin area and transports it to kfartibnit area in Nabatyeh  to later waste collection from towns that don’t have municipalities, and the contract included a clause note to keep the workers who collect waste from Jezzin area in their jobs.

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