15 Educational grants from the University of Haigazian


In the context of the program of the university student support, launched by the US Agency for international development to the Lebanese students who are facing financial difficulties, Haigazian University has provided 15 educational grants for official schools students in Jezzin area, in cooperation with the union of Jezzin municipalities which distributed the educational grants to Jezzin and Lebaa official secondary schools.
The conditions that must be met in order to apply for the entry of Haigazian University with a grant of the program:
*The applicant must be a student in an official school or graduated from an official school in the last two years.
*The applicant must have a Lebanese Nationality.
*The applicant must obtain the minimum rate of 12/20 in the official baccalaureate exams.
*The applicant has maintained the rate of not less than 70% or a minimum of 12/20 in the first and second year of secondary education.
*The applicant must obtain a minimum total of 525 in the TOEFL test to be accepted in the university.
*The students who receive a total between 450 and 524 in the TOEFL test are subject to an intensive training course in English for one year.
The program provides:
*Full costs of education
*Health insurance
*A Monthly salary
*Help to buy books.
*Specified habitation for the students.

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